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Vision Mission


  • Participation in strategic projects of the country as one of the top ten global reputable companies mainly active in all aspects of transformers and substations
  • Participation in investment and promoting direct investment projects in development of transformer sales and marketing
  • Expanding company activities in the field of operations & maintenance and after sales service


  • Participation in sustainable electrical energy supply based on production of a variety of transformers
  • Developing managerial capabilities in manufacturing and provision of improving all relevant equipment and techniques
  • Improvement of competitiveness by cost reduction and the delivery time taken in manufacturing of transformer
  • Building on and extending know-how and improving the quality and executing capabilities
  • designing and manufacturing of transformer with domestic main raw material and equipment
  • Developing local subcontractor's abilities by construction of the various islands and utilizations of national resources to improve their executed capabilities in bench-mark levels
  • Participating in investment and promoting financial resources projects for transformer industry
  • Managing and executing national/international projects in the field of transformers or substations