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Transformer Repairing


Transformer Repair

Minor and major repairing of transformer

ITASS Co. benefiting complete equipment contain of enough area with crane , winding machine, active parts and coils press, vacuum draying oven (3x5x3.5 m), special tools , electrical test filed up to 63KV and 50MVA lab and complete transformer oil test lab as well as benefiting workshop and test field facilities of manufacturers of transformers in Iran-Transfo corporation also qualified after sale representatives across country and employing professional & experienced personnel provides minor and major transformer repairing in accordance with international benchmarks.

This service is provided after technical evaluation in ITASS workshop also either at place of manufacturers of Iran-Transfo Corporation or qualified representatives and at site.

This service includes:

- Fixing leakage

- Replacing of damaged parts and accessories

- Repairing Tap-changers

- Replacing L.V and H.V windings

- Replacing magnetic core

- Repairing electrical connections of active part

- Others

Needless to say, transformers will be delivered after electrical tests and issuing test certificate